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Today on Wide Angle, continnect features debutant author Aradhna Sethi. The E-book and print versions of her novel ‘The Entrepreneur’s Wife’ were launched in April earlier this year. Aradhna spoke to continnect about her book, her work and herself.

continnect: Let’s begin with The Entrepreneur’s Wife. What’s the book about?
Aradhna: The Entrepreneur’s Wife is a story about a young woman whose life suddenly changes, everything changes – her marital status, her job, social status, and even her characteristics with every multiple role she lands into. Moving countries leads to a continental shift – literally and in every other way. The chapters of this book reflect the highs and lows of the start-up life, peppered with a touch of exaggeration and a dash of good humour.
You will connect, laugh, cry and laugh till you cry! It’s all about the relationship and self-management. And, in a very “chicken soup for the soul” way, you will learn to enjoy the highs when they come in and roll with the blows. Since it’s my first book to be published, it is fairly autobiographical. It’s essentially a culmination of my experiences along with that of many friends I met along my journey. I’ve lent the book a self-help approach and taken the liberty of being preachy and cheeky too.

continnect: How did the idea of this book evolve?
Aradhna: Before this writing this book, I was in a crisis of sorts. My father was terminally ill. I was missing my mother terribly. She had lost her battle with cancer 13 years ago. Suddenly, the stark realization of mortality hit me like a bolt of lightning. I knew I couldn’t hold back my passion to write anymore. That thought was what made me sit down and write – almost incessantly.

Being a ‘start-up wife’ and a mother of two in a foreign land is underrated. It takes a toll and being a multiple-times start-up wife spins its own shades of grey and tints of neon! I had been so caught up in being the supportive partner and dealing with uncertainties about everything in life– that I forgot about my own dream of being an author. However, to keep a positive and balanced view in life, I used to write about my deepest emotions as I felt them. With these notes – I sort of set the scene for my book.  And my husband proved to be very encouraging and motivating when it came to fulfilling my dream. He is the sole and the soul cause of this book.

continnect: What audience is the book aimed?
Aradhna: As the name suggests, the book is for start-up spouses and partners, and for those who want to go into the business of entrepreneurship – “The Entrepreneur’s Wife” proves to be a survival guide. For those who are already on the roller coaster – this book will make you connect to the unspoken world of entrepreneurship – what I call ‘Behind the Scenes’ of it all. So let’s say we’re looking at a readership aged between 22 and 50; or even later for those who want entertainment value.

continnect: What are your future plans?
Aradhna: I don’t know how my debut book will do. But right now, I’m on a high. I’ve done it once and am raring to go. So there’s plenty in store. I’m working on ‘The Nanny Expedition’. I plan to release a cookbook which targets children and young mothers. My mind is tossing about ideas and masala stuff for other books. So yes, there are more on the horizon. I’ve been bitten by the writer’s bug and hope to make the most of it.

About Aradhna Sethi

Aradhna Sethi was born in Chandigarh, India. With a keen interest in mass media, she did journalism from Xavier Institute of Communications,

Mumbai, India and worked for the Femina Magazine.
Post marriage, she moved to Europe. Initially Aradhna worked as a financial journalist and editor for an online portal in Switzerland. Soon she joined the only English language tabloid in Switzerland, Swiss News as co-editor. And became Chief Editor within a few months. This made her the first under-30 Asian woman to be the editor of Switzerland’s national tabloid in English.
In 2004, Aradhna quit her job as Chief Editor and began freelancing for several Swiss and international publications. She also dabbled in radio reporting for a German channel that broadcast in Hindi. Aradhna has also edited documents – for a university, for translators, for students, and for a medical foundation. Along with freelancing, Aradhna also set up Swiss Extension Communication Services – a one woman show that expanded to include various other elements like translations, voice overs with a team of freelance experts. She also blogs and writes for several online magazines.

You can connect with Aradhna on twitter and facebook You can follow her blog here and know more about her work. And you can buy The Enterpreneur’s Wife here

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