Our Partners

Since 1994, Mothering Matters has been providing parenting information, in English, for families in Switzerland. It emerged from the La Leche League as a newsletter, and quickly grew to become a print journal for a wider audience. Since 2013, Mothering Matters – Switzerland has been online. The online journal is run by a team of dedicated volunteers and remains not-for-profit; advertising and sponsorship contribute to the running costs and charitable organisations Mothering Matters supports.

Translaticon, headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland is an international translation agency. translaticon was founded in 2010 in Switzerland, it grows in the translation area while offering incomparable high quality and low prices. translaticon is represented with three offices in Switzerland, Germany and Turkey whereby the main principle is to satisfy the customers. translaticon’s services are provided by a professional and experienced translation team which works in a global environment. Their portfolio covers a wide range of services, branches and languages.

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